If writing is my wife, then photography is my mistress. I’m paying more attention to my camera than to my pen, now, so hopefully I can keep it all together. I mean, they should really be friends.
The sea is in my heart, which is why I am passionate about shooting beautiful seascapes, particularly long-exposures because they bring out an element of the sea’s character that is otherwise invisible to us.
I also love to shoot landscapes, especially mountains, rivers and waterfalls, and flowers. And insects. And architecture. And anything else that catches my eye.
I find photography to be profoundly relaxing, even meditative, and I think that this comes through in my work.

My images are printed on high quality canvas, from A4 to A0, or larger if you like.


I do commissions, so If you aer looking for a custom size or a particular image, contact me.

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