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Midnight's Chicken e-book
R 50.00

Russell Hobbes is the manager of a branch of Books-R-Us. He’s booked the famous author Abhinav Raksha to appear in the shop, mostly because Russell secretly hopes this will kick-start his own writing career. All he has to do is impress Raksha. But Russell hasn’t quite finished writing the Great South African Novel, he’s distracted by his love life which has been catastrophic but might be looking up, and Books-R-Us head office has plans that involve stuffing the shreds of Russell’s dignity into a clown suit.

Abhinav Raksha has problems of his own. He has been sentenced to death by a fundamentalist cleric for the alleged blasphemies of his book, ‘The Devil’s Poetry’. Worse than that, on the advice of little Abhinav he has left his wife for a more recent model named Madison. This relationship crumbles as they travel through South Africa with bodyguards Spook and Diesel.

Meanwhile, in the store room of a Kwikspar, a terrorist cell plots Raksha’s demise. Unaware of the attentions of security agents Jali and Terwilliger the cell follows Raksha to the book shop. Russell’s big event is not going to go as planned.