Midnight's Chicken

'Midnight’s Chicken’ is a comedy novel set in a book shop. I once worked in a book shop for a while and in the retail and literary worlds curious and exotic customers, ostriches and death threats can all be part of a normal day.

Russell Hobbes is the manager of a branch of Books-R-Us. He’s booked the famous author Abhinav Raksha to appear in the shop, mostly because Russell secretly hopes this will kick-start his own writing career. All he has to do is impress Raksha. But Russell hasn’t quite finished writing the Great South African Novel, he’s distracted by his love life which has been catastrophic but might be looking up, and Books-R-Us head office has plans that involve stuffing the shreds of Russell’s dignity into a clown suit.

Abhinav Raksha has problems of his own. He has been sentenced to death by a fundamentalist cleric for the alleged blasphemies of his book, ‘The Devil’s Poetry’. Worse than that, on the advice of little Abhinav he has left his wife for a more recent model named Madison. This relationship crumbles as they travel through South Africa with bodyguards Spook and Diesel.

Meanwhile, in the store room of a Kwikspar, a terrorist cell plots Raksha’s demise. Unaware of the attentions of security agents Jali and Terwilliger the cell follows Raksha to the book shop. Russell’s big event is not going to go as planned.

The Eden Deception

‘The Eden Deception’ is a trilogy of supernatural fiction. The two main characters, Jillian Masters and Carter Blake, face powers that reshape everything they believe about themselves and the world. Get your free download of ‘Revelation’, the first book of The Eden Deception.

Jillian Masters feels lost and alone. Throughout her life she has sensed a void in her soul. Then in the Drakensberg Mountains she encounters a being who gives her a golden knot, the key to a past that was hidden by her mother in a desperate bid to keep Jillian safe. As she unties the golden knot and the secrets of her past she discovers great power within herself. Jillian begins a journey towards divinity, pursued by men, monsters and gods.

She is followed on her quest by mythologist Carter Blake. Carter has come upon Jillian’s family history during his research and tracked her to her home. He sees her open the knot, and he is locked into orbit around her. Carried by currents he cannot understand towards a fate he cannot imagine Carter turns to the shaman Dawid Kleinbooi for help, and the two are caught up in Jillian’s brutal war with the trickster god Kaggen.

Carter and Dawid witness a cosmic struggle in which the fate of humanity lies in the choices made by Jillian. She holds the key, and she will choose how her story ends. Not even she, though, can guess the revelation to come.

Twelve years have passed since Jillian Masters and Carter Blake glimpsed the secrets of the universe. Their search for answers has yielded nothing but despair. Then they meet Desha, who guides them back onto a path they have shunned. In Jerusalem, the City of God, they witness the return of the Messiah.

The Messiah is false. He is the monster Leviathan, and he is bent on destruction. Jillian and Carter are thrust into a quest to stop him. Together with Yuri Direvko, a former monk who has lost his faith, they race Leviathan to reach powerful relics, among them the Lance of Longinus and the Holy Grail itself. The race becomes a journey of terrible discoveries, for the Grail is the Cup of Plagues and it is at the heart of Leviathan’s plans for humanity.

While Jillian, Carter and Direvko pursue the false Messiah though the Middle East his apostles wreak havoc upon the Earth. Jerusalem turns to pandemonium, Armageddon looms, and the only way to avert it is to stop Leviathan.

The world shudders under the dread influence of Leviathan. Now the monster seeks new allies in his war of vengeance against the great god El. Jillian, Carter and Direvko follow him to deadly confrontations, first deep below the lost City of Dudael in the deserts of the Middle East and then high in the hidden reaches of the Himalayas where Desha and his kind have their home.

Jerusalem has become a place of horror, and the armies of the great faiths converge on Israel to do battle. The Garden of Eden grows anew on Earth and at the heart of the Garden lies the end of all things unless the three can keep the Cup of Plagues from returning to its maker, El. The Cup holds the key to the mystery to end all mysteries, the Eden Deception, and Leviathan carries it with him towards the Garden and his final battle with El.

There is a terrible truth at the heart of creation, and as it is revealed to them they realize that nothing can survive it unchanged. Hope yet remains, but it lies in a place that none of them can imagine.